The least inexpensive Fiber optic Simple Control Box with Single Fiber Optic to Protect any Property

What is FiberSensor™ ?OptiLoop Property Protection

What is OptiLoop?

A variable length single fiber optic cable with ST connectors is threaded through the property to be protected. Infrared coded light is pulsed through the cable. Any attempt to remove the protected property will activate an alarm or monitor signal. A disconnection or breakage of the cable will produce visual and audible alarms for immediate response.

Derived from BEI Security's unique FiberNetTM continuity sensor technology, the system is false alarm free and is easy to install and maintain. Like the FiberNetTM, the OptiLoop offers a 99.99% Probability of Detection plus a virtually zero false alarm rate!


Any attempt to cut or remove the cable will create an alarm condition in the OptiLoop system, which will result in detection.

Why use OptiLoop technology?

BEI's economical OptiLoop technology offers a unique and easily deployed intrusion and theft detection system with a fiber optic cable control box. It contains a long-life light transmitter and receiver, terminated with ST connectors. We built a system you can depend on.

How can it help you or your organization?

This economical solution for reducing, or even eliminating, loss of property makes for a sensible investment. Whether the items to be protected are in-house or out in the field, the OptiLoop system keeps them secure with the innovative use of fiber optics.

What applications is OptiLoop used for?

Any company asset can be maintained in an OptiLoop network for protection and security using FiberNet™ technology. Company computers, office equipment, HD flat panel TV's, vehicles, heavy equipment, warehouse inventory, boats, and virtually all company vehicles can be protected.

Installation Application

  • The OptiLoop controller is housed in a portable plastic box. It is powered by a local DC power supply or by AC power.
  • The OptiLoop can be monitored from a central alarm system, or can be interfaced to a local alarm panel.
  • The OptiLoop cable sensor can monitor virtually any removable object through the innovative use of fiber optic technology.

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