commercial industrial 02 7854e4312bCommercial Applications

  • Industrial Security
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Water Plants
  • Prisons/Jails
  • Military
  • Commercial Property
  • Airports

BEI Security Products - Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion 
Detection Systems - High Security Perimeters for Commercial, Industrial, Homeland Security, Military, and Marine Environments.

  • 99.99% Probability of Detection plus a virtually zero false alarm rate!
  • Effective and comprehensive. Designed for medium to high security risk installations. FiberSensor™ delivers the most reliable and effective front-line intrusion detection.
  • No Metal Components. Immune to interference from noise, radio frequencies, electromagnetic or electrostatic fields. Transparent to radar microwaves.
  • Durable. Our fiber optic cable has a 30-year lifespan and will likely outlast your infrastructure! The FiberSensor™ is unaffected by weather, harsh environments, corrosion or UV radiation.
  • No False Alarms. The FiberSensor™ is not affected by shock, vibration, or wind.
  • Versatile. Can be installed as part of a comprehensive integrated system or stand-alone with dry-contact outputs. It can be installed freestanding or attached to any new or existing barriers.
  • Integrated GUI. All BEI Security turn-key systems include our advanced System Command Center (SCC) to provide immediate and reliable data relating to any intrusion attempt. The SCC is vendor-independent, and may be integrated with any new or existing equipment.
  • Any attempt to cut, lift, crawl under, climb over or pass through the SmartFence™ will result in detection. Any attempt to cut through FiberSensor™ will result in detection.