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BEI Security, founded in 1982, is a security product and services company with three divisions, each with its own specific focus:

BEI Products - Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. High Security Perimeters for Commercial, Industrial, Homeland Security, Military, and Marine Environments. Fiber optic net/fiber optic fence, supplemented with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, detects intrusion by physical breaks and/or weight disruption, cost effectively creating a system that is comprehensive, impenetrable and fail-safe.

irs logo BEI Interactive Remote Surveillance.  A nationwide business security video monitoring service, featuring real-time video with two-way audio, staffed with off-duty police officers to respond to threats in real time.
VUGate™.  VUGate™ is the founder and proven leader of inmate video visitation and continues to lead the corrections industry with innovative products and solutions. VUGate products and solutions scale larger than those of any company in the market while providing for the best video quality possible.  VUGate solutions allow for point-to-point communications, three-way, multi-point, and video streaming.  VUGate has over 5000 visitation stations installed across the nation at all levels - federal, state, county, and municipal/city.  Ancillary features such as video arraignment, lawyer consultations, detective interviews, pre-trial coordination, mental health evaluations, parole interviews and many more functions are easily added to the core inmate visitation system.